iSea iCare Ambassadors- Snorkeling Trip

On Tuesday the 6th of March PHPS’s iSea iCare Marine Ambassadors participated in their first excursion- snorkeling with marine life near Sorrento Pier. As the school’s Marine Ambassadors, we will take part in a variety of excursions and workshops throughout the year, then return to school, share our learning and encourage others school-wide to help us care for our marine environments.  Below is our reflection of our first excursion.

We were a little scared before getting in the water to snorkel for the first time. The choppiness of the waves didn’t help to calm these nerves, or get in and out of the water. Once in the water, we saw bottlenose dolphins, stingrays, seals, weedy sea dragons and sea sponge. We were expecting to see dolphins, but were pleasantly surprised to find so much colour and diversity.

The main flavor of the day was salt, the hot chocolate was more like chocolate tea and didn’t manage to overcome this, nor did the playful, yet smelly seals.

We learnt some water safety signals, which were a little confusing but will help in the future.

Ultimately, the experience was fun, eye-opening and we have gained a great appreciation of the colour and diversity that exists underwater. By sharing our experience we hope that you gain some appreciation too and are motivated to help us protect our marine environments.

From Grace Bahler, Gracie Halliday, Imani Olukhale, Iris Mullan, Itsara Lee and Zara Melvern