Life Ed, Speech Writing & Weather | Learning Focus

This week we begin an exploration of famous speeches as we begin to consider what makes a good speech. This will help us in writing speeches for graduation and when applying for leadership positions for 2018.

This week we will be looking for powerful speeches and analysing them to see how they influence the audience.  You might like to look at this famous speech by Martin Luther King or share speeches that have impacted on your life.

Each day at school we now check the UV rating to ensure we are wearing hats when the UV is high. Each day the JSC do an announcement about the UV rating. We were interested in how you measure the UV and started to think about the different ways we measure weather. This week we will start a mini inquiry into how weather is measured with opportunity to collect and compare weather across the globe. If you have a chance why not look up the weather and talk about this at home.


Starting this week we will be visiting the Life Ed van. The focus is on “Mind your Medicine” and will explore safe use of medicines. Next week we will share some of the resources with you so you can explore this theme at home.