Exploring us as One Community

Us at our best!

In this photo gallery, we have captured students engaging in our learning provocations for our first week back.

3/4 Neighbourhood 2: Our overall reflection of our first week back!

In projects Tom and I started a domino task, we got to 99 dominoes but it got knocked down. We had to work out how to knock down 100 in 50 seconds or less – Vincent

  • I just have to get my work printed out by Robert then I have completed my information text – Hugo
  • I have enjoyed making the game with my group. I do the back of the cards, Imani does the drawing and we all take turns to do the laminating and cutting out. – Patrick
  • I have enjoyed working on what I have been doing in my project groups for the expo on Tuesday -Lola
  • I really enjoyed making Pixel art and showing my creative side -Amory
  • I enjoyed working with my friend on the board game and I have also enjoyed dancing for the PHPS Bazaar -Anja
  • I liked doing my information text and also the project groups -Frankie
  • Doing my maths smart goal. I’ve been going on a website called Khan Academy where I have been working on coding and mathematics -Louis
  • I enjoyed doing Roll Me a 6, my music project and information text -Jacob
  • I enjoyed my BODMAS which is my new smart Goal and the group work on our game -Imani
  • I have really enjoyed working on my smart Goal – Luis G
  • I enjoyed my information text and smart goal – Lexie
  • I worked on my game and really enjoyed the laminating. We have created two games – Stanley
  • I enjoyed doing my maths smart goal which is working out areas and now I’m moving onto volume – Tom
  • I enjoyed doing my maths smart goal and now I’m up to fractions which I only started on the first day of this term – Abdul
  • I was very intrigued with what I was doing in my information text and I loved doing the workshop Roll Me a 6 – Lola
  • I enjoyed doing my robot with Rufus and Anouk – Arlo
  • I enjoyed experimenting with different games to try and make our own game – Emma
  • I liked making the spinners and I created more of a project with it because I started actually making a game with it – Mila
  • I enjoyed designing, creating and coding my games which one of them was with Patrick’s group and the other with Stan and Gulliver – Teddy
  • I also enjoyed doing my literacy and maths Smart Goal – Jacob
  • I enjoyed doing my maths smart goal which is converting 12 to 24 hour time – Harriet