Week 9 Learning Focus


The children have begun writing their “final” drafts of the stories, which will become a port-folio piece. This has been a rich writing experience for them – learning about character, settings, problems and solutions. The children have created their own special story-books and along with writing their stories in these books, they will also do illustrations to accompany their stories. In reading, the children have been looking at the thinking routine “Connect, Extend, Challenge”.


The children have been using the calendars they have been making to measure time. On Thursday, we will commence a new unit focusing on Money!!


We are revisiting an earlier concept that looked at change in order for the children to go deeper with their understanding about change. We are asking the children the following questions:


  • What are the changes that have occurred in your life?
  • Why do you think these changes have happened?
  • How do you feel about these changes?