Expanding Possibilities with Earn and Learn

This week we saw our Earn and Learn provocation encouraging students to display the PHPS value of “Expanding Possibilities”.

Neighbourhood Teacher P. A.

Students have been working on reporting the research they have been doing over the last two terms into a informative text. Narrowing down all research to define a manageable report has been quite challenging!

One of our Earn and Learn Neighbourhood Teacher PAs, Elly, was keen to support others to understand the process she used to make her own information report manageable. She created a slideshow to present to both neighbourhoods her process of organising her research into logical information text.

Feedback from her audiences was very positive, showing it had helped their own thinking:

  • “When you explain it, it sounds much easier” -Kalyca
  • “It showed me the process of what I need to do to publish it”-Archie
  • “You explained it in a way that kids could understand, … but you used the right words so it was alright” – Astrid

Click here to view Elly’s presentation.

Draft information report Elly


Our Neighbourhood Environmentalists have also been extending themselves by going beyond the expectations for their role. They took the initiative to also clean up other areas of the school in their lunch times, beyond the areas around the neighbourhood that they were employed to protect. The Environmentalists identified areas of the school where rubbish was accumulating each day and analysed whether it is likely to be lunch waste from the school or rubbish blown in from the local area.

After making a presentation to our own neighbourhood to inform others of the problem, they identified that the Year 1 and 2 eating areas were suffering badly, so they put together a presentation for year 1 students and coordinated with the year 1 teachers to go in and give some information to those members of our community.