Term 3

Term 3

Visual Art

The Artist as Collector

Last term we examined Indigenous art and design and understood that these works were read as text or stories. We deepened our understandings about art as text through the understanding that stories can be told in many different ways.

We also examined ways of seeing t

he landscape. We explored the perspectives of ‘side on’ and ‘bird’s eye view’. We understood that landscape can be visualised from many perspectives. It can be represented in many ways using the elements of art; shape pattern, colour, line and form.

This term we will build on the work that we have explored in previous terms. We will continue to explore new ways of seeing aspects of our world. Our focus this term will be artist as collector. Our collections will also focus on nature.

Through mindful observation we will examine natural objects and collections of natural objects through their colours, patterns, shapes, lines and forms.

Students will think about the kind of objects that interest them and begin to be curious about objects that they may like to collect.

We examined the difference between a collector and an artist as collector…..

We realised that the artists we examined did certain things that distinguished them as artists.

They were:

  1. Curious
  2. Gathered and collected
  3. Sorted and organised
  4. Re- configured and arranged

They created art works from these objects.

We were inspired by the Patrick Pound exhibition at the NGV Australia to tell stories about what interests us through collecting and drawing ideas and objects from nature.


Week 1 and 2

In week 1 and 2 our aim was to create a nature journal of collections of drawing and ideas, building each page at a time.

We will begin our exploration this term by focussing on the act of careful observation. Students had the opportunity to choose a selection of natural objects, gather them together, sort, organise and arrange them. Then draw them.



Week 3 and 4

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