Buddy Project

Excitement and expectation was in the air on Tuesday afternoon. The year 2 two students sat patiently in the meeting space, ready for the big announcement……..who was their new buddy for the week?!?!

Students had reflected on Monday afternoon about the Buddy Project. Why exactly do we do this in the year 2 neighbourhood? What are the understandings that want our students to come away with at the end of the year? The students thought deeply and formulated some responses.

A general understanding started to become clear.  Students commented that the Buddy Project was allowing them to develop a wide range of friendships in the neighbourhood- this enabled them to feel comfortable interacting with more than just their immediate friendship group. The next idea was that the project allowed students to have more confidence when approaching new people to play with outside.

Next week, the students will begin a Buddy Project Reflection book, that will include pictures of them with their buddies, reflections about the project and any provocations that we  set for them. By the end of the year, students will have a visual journal of the 2017 Buddy Project.


See below the pictures of students with their buddies and ‘buddy lunch’ for the week!