What’s happening in the 3/4 Neighbourhoods this term……


We are all off to a very productive start this term with lots of fantastic provocations and projects to explore!

Let’s begin with our Inquiry : Us at our Best! Currently we are investigating amazing ideas through the Mars One Mission Project. All students in 3/4 chose to become a researcher in one of the following areas:

  • Indigenous Perspectives: Research Questions: How would be treat new arrivals? How can we avoid the mistakes of the past? Do we need to create a survival guide?
  • Past, Present, Future Schools: Research Questions: How can we design an educational setting for Mars from Earth? What skills and understandings do we need to have in order to create a school on Mars?
  • Environments and Sustainability: Research Questions: How do we respect a new environment? Are we using more of Earth’s resources? How can we avoid the mistakes of the past?

We encourage students to initiate discussions at home with friends and family about the research topics they have chosen to explore through their learning journey. Students are wondering about the one-way ticket concept of the Mars One Mission: Do you think we are ready to live and explore another planet for the rest of our lives? Could you live with the idea of never returning to Earth? When you arrive on Mars, would you automatically become a Martian?

Vicki Featherston will be working with 3/4 students in Neighbourhood 1 on a wonderful modular origami exhibition in the art studio. We invite you to come in and have a look at the modular origami exhibition in 3/4 neighbourhood 2, it’s very colourful and full of beautiful wellbeing messages!

In Mathematics, students have begun working on designing their very own Food Truck business. We will be working through this mathematics provocation over the term in stages. Currently we are working on the ideas and research phases, with plenty of room for creativity and exploring what our possible budgets might look like. We are planning a Food Truck Expo to be held at the end of this term. This Expo will be a showcase of all the Food Truck business models that students have created. It’s a huge project, however a very exciting way to connect mathematics and literacies all in one!

Students are continuing on with their own SMART goals in literacy and numeracy this term. Over the course of the first week back, students were able to create new or continue on with goals, begin demonstrating evidence of understanding and conferencing with their teachers.

All of our learning documentation as been updated on our Inquiry and mathematics walls. We invite you to come in and have a read of our learning journey! We would love to share conversations about the Mars One Mission!