Learning Focus

We’re going to make a movie!!!


As the semester comes to an end, our inquiry into power has solidified into a project. We are going to make a movie to demonstrate our understanding about the way power manifests. Before we make the movie, though, there is a lot for us to learn. Our workshops and provocations this week include “Let’s talk about movies”, “Writing a movie review”, “How films are made” and “Brainstorming ideas for our movie”. Students and staff are very excited about this project. We will keep you informed as it progresses.


In English this week, we are linking our learning to the movie. Students will attend workshops around “Good and evil in movies” and “why films are made”. They will also continue with their daily practice of reading and writing. Please encourage your kids to share their writing with you. We have some magnificent story tellers in our cohort.


Last week, students completed a mini project based around the walkathon. This included questions on data representation and interpretation. This week, we will be unpacking various concepts around data. The data we will be using is based on homeless people in Australia, linking to our inquiry provocation on “The power of positive change”.