Princes Park Playground Designs Presentations!

After 2-3 weeks of collaborating ideas, floor-planning, measuring equipment carefully and creating their playground designs students this week were able to share and celebrate their finishing models to the rest of the neighbourhoods.

Not only that, we also asked a representative from the Yarra Council – Geoff – to come in and comment/question the students work on a proposed playground in Princes Park. Here, students were able to present their designs, explain the features of the playground and point out what is something different that no other group has involved with their playground.

Not only was Geoff blown away from the work the students came up with, but the teachers were amazed with the amount of work that went into creating such a detailed model. All of the planning, explanations and pictures of the students models will be placed into their portfolios over the coming weeks for parents to come into the neighbourhoods and see for themselves the incredible amount of work the students have put into such a fun project.

“The hardest part of the whole project was putting the design together, we had to be so careful with putting all of the little pieces together in creating the playground” – Sophie B.

“Even though I worked by myself, I was proud with what I came up. I think my ideas would be awesome for any playground!” – Rocco.

“Even though we didn’t finish our model creation, I enjoyed creating the floor plan in our group because we had so many unique ideas to include in the whole plan! It was crazy and challenging but a whole lot of fun!” – Archie.

“It was interesting when we finished our plan. Our measurements were a lot bigger than we thought to begin with! We thought an 8-metre┬ávertical slide would be cool but later found out it wouldn’t be safe, so we adjusted some of the measurements making sure the playground was safe and for all ages” – Iris.