My Place Projects – Photos!


This week the Year 2 Neighbourhood will be doing a lot of work getting their ‘My Place’ presentations ready – a lot of students are excited about learning how to make power point presentations, and others are planning on making models, books, and posters.

If you have photos of your child’s special place that they would like to use as part of their presentation, please send them along to school in the next day or two so that they can build them into their presentations.

If students have already started working on their presentations at home, it would be great if they could bring these along too, so that they can spend class time editing and refining their presentation speech. So far students have done a lot of brainstorming and writing on different components that will make up their ‘My Place’ presentation, and this week we will be looking at how all these ideas can come together as sentences and paragraphs to form their presentation speech.