Learning Focus for Week 6

As we move forward with our Year 1 Inquiry “Our Place in the World”, we are continuing to investigate the scientific concepts around light, sound and bugs. The children have been exploring light and will build on their ideas and learning by experimenting with colours on a projected light-box; bugs have been a huge source of interest in the Year One neighbourhood and students will continue to have the opportunity to draw and label specific insects. They’ll also be able to make their own bug, using a range of resources.

In the performance space, Responding to Music has been very popular. During this week, our “music” will become more specific, for instance rain falling, and sounds of cityscapes. Children can respond through movement or drawing. We’re also working toward creating a sound-scape. This week, children will continue to investigate the different sounds they can make using glass bottles and water. They’ll investigate why the pitch of the sound changes depending on how much water they pour into a bottle. The Learning Commons has a range of writing provocations for the children to engage in.

In our literacy learning, the children will publish their narratives they have been working on in their writing lessons. These will be typed up on the computers and become a port-folio piece. In reading, our focus this week will be on blends – specifically the letters B and L, which together gives us the sound Bl.

In our numeracy learning, the children will continue their investigation into measurement – we are exploring how tall we are using a range of different resources as informal measurement. We’re also continuing using counting strategies to help with addition,  subtraction and place value as we make and name different numbers up to 100.