My Place Project

This week, students have been asked to start to think about a place that they consider to be special, and explain why this particular place is special to them. For example, this might be their bedroom, a play area, a holiday location, their favorite park, or a location that they like to visit within their community.  Over the week, Jen, Tim and Meredith have presented their ‘special place’ to students using photographs, maps, objects, and drawings. Information from these presentations is displayed on the Inquiry Wall in the Year 2 Neighbourhood.  

Next week, we will be doing lots of activities to begin to investigate our own special places, and it would be great for students to start thinking, and talking at home, about a place that is special to them, considering questions such as – What makes this place meaningful to you? What are the features of this place? What things do you do there? How do you care for this place?

Students may also like to start collecting photographs that help describe their special space.