Learning Focus: Week 6

Hello lovely families

This week throughout the Inquiry we are continuing our exploration of change over time, cause and effect through design and investigating daily life. The provocations around the neighbourhood all research these concepts as we continue analysing daily life from then and now!

In Literacy, our exploration for poetry has continued developing from acrostic to shape poetry – where you write a poem about a particular object in the shape of that object.

In Numeracy we continue to explore chance and probability through all things Bazaar – children are making maps of the school to design the Bazaar layout, timetables of different events and their duration to fit it all in and pretending to be stall owners – counting large collections of money and organising the count so as to accurately repeat that count.

Children have also been negotiating, rehearsing and performing their talent quest shows in order to make them amazing for the day!

This is all very exciting as the Bazaar approaches this weekend!

Also Рplease be prepared for a hamper donation and parent helper reminder blog post coming up!