A massive thanks to the group of students who demonstrated confidence and leadership today running sessions to help get the grade 3/4 neighborhoods logged into their google accounts. Holly, Jade, Heath and Henry jumped into the spot light to run the sessions and the others offered technical support.

We will be using the Google Drive to improve the accessibility and management of student work to make the most of our laptop program. We also hope to leverage the collaborative online tools such as GoogleDocs to better prepare students for 21st century communication.

We developed this set of protocols to ensure that the online space will be safe and supportive.

  • Only upload/share appropriate things, the purpose of the space is education
  • Be respectful when interacting with others
  • Don’t share others work or images without their permission first
  • Don’t type personal details (address, phone number, bank account details, etc)
  • Don’t delete or ruin others work
  • Be considerate about what you post and share, don’t put in things that would consider too personal for everyone to know
  • Use folders to keep things organised
  • Don’t upload things that aren’t necessary

Here are some photos of the students leading the workshops.

If you have any questions regarding the use of GoogleDrive feel free to approach the 3/4 Teachers.