Week 6 Happenings


The year 2 inquiry into systems has taken a small turn now from looking at how cause and effect works, to thinking about how and why things have changed over time. We have been exploring changes in technology, music (genre, recording and playback systems), and changes in our lives over time. We have asked the students to plan interview questions for parents and grandparents – so be prepared to be interrogated!


In Literacy we have been writing letters to Lisa. We have been looking at the format and structure of a “friendly letter”. We have taken this idea further by using the Prep Postal Service to write letters to our friends, families and people we have never met but would like to. At home the children might even like to write a letter to a teacher of their choice or an interstate relative.


In numeracy we have been running our own measurement Olympics with events such as the pipe-cleaner javelin, standing long jump, standing high jump, cotton-ball archery, miniature person weight lifting and more! It has been lots of fun measuring all the different results using uniform, formal units of measurement like centimeters, meters and millimeters, and working out the difference between our top score and second to top score!


This is the last week of the intensive swim program down at Klim Swim in Richmond. The kids have all had a great time upskilling in the water!

Here are some photos!


Ezra and Abdi having fun in the water!


Chilling on the bus!


Splashy smiles!


A Henry rescue!


The amazing facilities!


Surf’s up dude!