Learning Focus


Over the last two weeks we have been looking at some of the maths to be found within the Olympic Games. In an outdoors lesson, students were able to pit themselves up against the world record in the shot put and the 100m dash. For example, the found out how long it took them to run 100m compared to Usain Bolt’s WR time of 9.58s. They also tested how far they could run in 9.58s.

This provided us with a rich source of data for working on subtraction, ordering decimals and calculating average speed. We also examined the men’s final of the 100m dash at the London Olympics. As your children will be able to tell you, just 0.01 seconds meant the difference between a bronze medal and 4th place!

You can all be very proud of your children. They are engaging beautifully in our numeracy sessions this term.