Happenings Week 8

This week in the Inquiry, in order to explore Cause and Effect, we have been exploring Rube Goldberg machines to enhance learning. The students enjoyed working together to design their own, investigating hands on and observable cause and effect in an authentic way.

In workshops this week students have extended this concept by creating inquiry cause and effect train story – where the idea of the “domino effect” impacted the group narrative.

This week in numeracy we went for a walk within our school and searched for patterns. This involved creating and labeling a map of the school and strategising how to record the patterns.

This week in Literacy the children worked on a Sketch to Stretch activity when they responded to the book “Death in a Nut”. They have started to select appropriate texts for independent reading and have continued to extend their knowledge of sound patterns by searching for different ways to spell the “oo” sound and locate it in shared reading texts.