The Preps were introduced to a different type of bug this week. The BeeBots. BeeBots are robotic bees that you can program to move in a direction of your choice. During Provocation time, some of the Bug Groups how to use these by moving it around a track. They discovered that the number of times the forward button is pressed determines the distance the bee will go. Pressing the arrow buttons multiple times results in the bee turning in a circle!

On Friday, each home group worked collaboratively to create a Bee maze. Red and Green group both made rectangular mazes in the Performance Space, while Blue group created a circular maze in the Torus out of wooden blocks.

We also revisited different experiences where we have been making during provocation time.

  • Leaf mould
  • Grass Heads
  • Modelling bugs
  • Scientific drawings of bugs

Well done to the children who assisted with the afternoon. They did a fabulous job of explaining a particular experience to our visitors! Many thanks for the wonderful parents who have been working with the children on provocations where they are creating and making.

Below is a time-lapse video of Red group creating their BeeBot maze.