District Cross Country!

It was a cloudy April afternoon at the Princes Hill Park, but the students were as excited as they were nervous for their run!

A group of 20 students walked across and participated in a 2km race against other local schools.

On the behalf of the Grade 3/4 teachers, we want to congratulate everyone who firstly MADE the district cross country and a huge well done on completing the big race!

A special mention goes to Iggy Gorman Andrews (10th), Nina Sexton (3rd), Maggie Stoney (7th), Lila Rose Nevin (8th), Tessa Verdon Black (10th) and Phillipa Jackson (1st!!!) for all getting through to the next running stage!

Details for those students who went through to next round will be let known soon.

Thank you to the parents who came and supported us, couldn’t have done it without you!


Grade 34 District