Happenings: Projects and Provocations

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Mornings, we have been running Projects and Provocations where students are encouraged to choose provocations around the prep neighbourhood. Provocations have been set up to support our inquiry into “relationships” (We make sense of the world by making connections; through learning about each other and our environments ), and literacy and numeracy learning needs that have been recognised.

These sessions allow students to engage in experiences where they can use different modes of expression (e.g. plays, art, writing etc.) and drive their learning according to their interests. It has been wonderful to watch students making positive learning choices during these sessions, connecting and collaborating with different children across the prep neighbourhood.

Here are some photos to illustrate some of the learning that has been happening during the projects and provocations sessions this week. If you are viewing this on your email, please go to our blog to see the photos.