Word Focus

In the grade one neighbourhood, we spend 4 mornings each week with a focus on Shared Reading.  Shared Reading is a supportive, interactive reading procedure where all students can see the text being shared. Students observe a good model (in this case it’s us, the teacher) reading the text and are invited to read along. Once the text has been shared, we may look at a variety of different aspects of the book – language structures and organisational features of written texts, the sounds and patterns of the English language and we encourage students to make connections to the text.

One of the texts we have studied in the last few weeks, was the classic ‘Each Peach Pear Plum’. The kids really enjoyed reading the text, connecting it to other books they know, making predictions and then hunting for rhyming words. We played some matching games with the rhyming words and made some links to other rhyming words we knew. When reading books at home with your child, encourage them to note any rhyming words and then possibly think of other words they may know that rhyme.


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