Inquiry Presentations

As part of our inquiry into “relationships” we have been exploring the big idea that “We make sense of the world through connections to people and our environments.” The Prep Neighbourhood has been discussing the notion of happiness over the last few weeks and have listened to each of home group teachers present an item that brings them happiness.

We would like to help prep students find their own connections between each other by allowing them to share something that brings them happiness. We will give them opportunities throughout the rest of the term to give a short presentation. This will allow students to develop their skills in speaking to an audience as well as developing their listening and questioning skills while watching others present.

The item they present may be a photograph or a memento of an experience they have had, their favourite book, a meaningful item with a story etc. We would like to encourage students to try and avoid bringing in a toy that they have bought last week as they may have very little to say about it. Through this presentation experience, we are hoping students will find commonalities in interests across the neighbourhood, finding new connections and deepening old ones.

We encourage parents to have conversations at home prior to their presentation about some reasons behind their choice and the story behind the item so that the child will feel more confident on the day. Teachers and peers will help the students by prompting them with questions about what they have brought in.

Stay tuned for the sharing timetable. Presentations will start next week for those who are ready to present on Friday.

Many thanks for your support,

Lora, Maddy and Tomo