Term 3 Week 6 Learning Reflection

In the Year 3 neighbourhood this week we have been investigating how weather and climate have shaped the different environments in Australia, from the tropics in the north to the arid zone west of the Great Dividing Range. Investigating this natural system has resulted in discussions ranging from the formation of clouds to the characteristics of the troposphere. As a neighbourhood we will continue to explore these and other related factors. 

Ava: Weather is what the sky and the air are like outside, such as cold and cloudy.

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Binderiya: Weather is different every day but climate is change over a long period of time.

an overview image of the troposphere with clouds and an airplane. this layer of earth's atmosphere is closest to the ground.

Florence: Climate is different to weather because it is based on long-term weather.

Miles: The different seasons have different types of weather and temperature ranges.

Owen: The Earth is tilted on an angle which affects the weather.

River: If we didn’t have the wind we wouldn’t have the weather.

Alex: Climate covers a large area like parts of Africa.

Decca: The weather includes thunder which can destroy houses and be dangerous for humans.


Jack B’s detailed response to the weather.

As a neighbourhood we will start to unpack some misconceptions and further explore the connections between weather, climate and the environment.

The Year 3 neighbourhood

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