Week 4 Learning Reflections

Welcome to the Year 3 post-lockdown blog post for Week 4. In this blog there will be some really exciting reflections about what we’ve done in Week 4 (Decca).

At the start of the week we had to lockdown. I enjoyed the activities on Seesaw, especially making music from natural objects such as stones (Max).

Awesome editing!

At the start of the week we had to go into lockdown. I actually kind of liked it this time. The webex calls were fun and there were some enjoyable activities. (Jack B). 

Remote learning was hard because you weren’t there for the teachers to help you and your parents were working. Afterwards I was happy to come back to school because it was easier for me to learn because I have someone to help me (Edie).

Organising materials for the garden.

This week we have started our book clubs. It’s where we go into groups and we pick a book that we can probably read and that we are all interested in. We used a thinking routine to help us think about the characters in the book (Wilco). 

Planning for our first Book Group session.

In Week 4 we have been working on our mathematical comparisons. What we worked on is we measure subjects or people and compare. You can compare how long it takes to run a lap of the oval as well (Miles).

Our Thinking Routine for this week.

In the Neighbourhood we have been doing mathematical comparisons. We timed and compared our sprints (Isaiah).

After remote learning for 5 days it was strange, fun and exciting going back to school. It was strange because everyone was getting used to be being back at school (Decca).

I enjoyed remote learning because I could spend more time with my family and cook dinner together more often (Gigi).

This week Binderiya and me have been writing a story called ‘Trouble’s Coming Your Way’. We have been looking for descriptive language. We also were looking for words better than mad, sad, bad, nice, caring and fun. New words could be considerate, supportive, thoughtful, appreciative, majestic and cheerful. (Undram).

In Week 4 I have been working on my story. (Tayma). When writing we needs to make a clear plan and also edit for spelling, punctuation and great word choices. 

This week we have been focussing on our comparing ourselves using maths including measuring our height and working out the difference. (Mimi). 

What has happened to the tree sap and bark mixture?

During remote learning I was looking at sharks. They don’t have any bones. (Seb C.M)

I have been making a music video. It makes me happy because I like using technology. (Jack K)

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