“Magazines can inspire you!”

As we are moving through term 4, our inquiry continues to deepen into communication in its many forms. We have explored how to connect, how to tell stories and how to share our knowledge with others. PHN was a great way for students to develop their presentation and summary skills while delivering the news to the neighbourhood but our question now is really, what’s next?

Other forms of communication we have been exploring are information texts, magazines, performances, puppets, mime, actions, and Auslan. All of these have shaped our learning at home and back in the neighbourhood. The perspective of accessing and analyzing information has been strengthened by our need for digital technologies and literacy. One priory for learning has been to continue growing our skills using a range of digital programs. 

Exploring and practising Auslan as a different language for communication that connects us to other communities.

Magazines have been a regular spark of imagination as we have shared both physical and digital texts. We have also explored college, looking at the connection between images and the stories they tell. Children have been creating their own magazines, sharing their passions, interests, learning and understanding with their friends and community. 

We hope to build on this in the coming weeks as we think towards capturing and documenting the learning of 2021 as a whole. After all, what a year it has been!

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