Goal Setting, Wellbeing & Communication

My goal is to be creative and enjoy my learning – Willem

With us heading back in the neighbourhoods part time next week there are a lot of changes ahead. This year certainly has presented some unexpected challenges! This means building resilience, reflection and communication is vital. Communication can come in many different forms and we can use materials, our bodies, our words and our actions to communicate how we are feeling and what we are thinking.

This week, our remote learning provocations explored how we can set goals for learning and our personal selves. The children explored a number of books, videos and situations to explore scenarios we may face in the coming weeks.  Through our morning and afternoon webex’s, the children have discussed ways we can support each other at times of stress and worry, the children also documented their worry warriors, the people who they can turn to for support.

We have also been exploring setting goals, posing the questions: What does this mean? Why are they valuable? What does it feel like to achieve a goal?

To achieve my goal I will need to give myself some questions to help – Elspeth

I have to practice my writing – Alice

Through these questions and wonderings children explored how it feels when you achieve a goal. They documented how they have felt when they have achieved a goal they have set for themselves. The children also identified who can support them to reach their goal. As a group we also discussed that sometimes there are many little goals that you need to achieve before you reach your big goal.

When we are back onsite it will take some adjusting! There are many skills and goals we need to focus on and practice. The children shared some things to be mindful of as we return.

We need to listen to each other – Arlo

Be kind to the people you are working with – Claudia

Take your anger away from what’s making you angry – Emma

You could compromise – Maggie

We need to work together – Franek

It is important to give people space, when I feel worried or upset I need space and take a break to play lego or read or write. We need to remember that when we come back to school. – Henry L, Elspeth and Lucienne

As we join together next week, we will continue to unpack these big feelings as we move onsite and work towards re connecting to our community.

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