How Does Feedback Support Our Learning

Feedback plays an integral role in learning and growth. Feedback takes many forms throughout a school day and remote teaching is no exception. Over the last two weeks, teachers and students in the 1/2 neighbourhoods have been exploring how to use feedback to connect, encourage, challenge and reflect on learning. 

The teacher gives you feedback because it is their job! Also to give us the next step for our learning. – Emma

But it is not just teachers who have this important role but the learners themselves. Each day, the students meet in homegroups and in target groups to engage in learning. During these times we share past learning and use it as a foundation for next steps. This process in itself is feedback, as students work collaboratively and digitally to self identify areas of growth. 

People say good job and give supportive words – Emma

You can say a positive thing then give them something else to so they can add more detail or to challenge themselves – Claudia I

If you say something to someone about what you like and connect with. – Lulu

The seesaw blog provides a platform for students to continue their learning and understanding of feedback. Students regularly provide comments and feedback on each other’s work using the CCQu method. Complement, connection and question. 

We asked the students to reflect on this process posing the question What is the value of feedback?

To be kind – Manny

To support others – Emma

To stretch others’ brains and imagination. – Claudia I. 

Finally, the role of feedback is in part a reflective one. As we move through term 3 with extended remote learning ahead we are exploring reflection as a way to motivate personal learning. The students are beginning to highlight learning moments within their day, document their own learning growth and proudly share it with others. Finally, working with their homegroup teachers, students can then set their own learning goals and hopes for future learning. 

Feedback makes me feel happy and proud of my work. – Frankie

It makes me feel joyful. – Freya

It makes me feel  brave and be more confident with my work. – Emma 

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