Aware, Resilient & Collaborative Learners

As we learn and grow together in neighbourhood 1, our wellbeing learning takes many different shapes and forms. It is not only a vital part of our personal and social capabilities curriculum but also is the framework we learn within. During provocations, workshops, targets and discussions, the way we feel and communicate shapes who we are and the students have come to understand our emotions and how to communicate what we need to be the best learners and neighbourhood members we can be.

As the semester has progressed, the neighbourhood teachers have used what is happening to frame workshops around social emotional learning. Recently we have covered naming our emotions, body scanning, tuning into our emotions and creating personal emotions temperature checks. Each of these has provided students with the language they need to be aware, resilient and collaborative learners.

The No Go or Tell workshops were a response to a number of student social interactions requiring simple but effective strategies, to help them negotiate the range of issues that can be encountered at play. This effectively tied into both establishing boundaries – This is my body- and Safe Play awareness.

Beyond our focus wellbeing workshops, we continue to model and name strategies throughout the day. We frequently highlight when the learning is able to be applied.

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